레인보우 레인보우
Rainbow (Hangul: 레인보우, Katakana: レインボー) is a 7 member South Korean girl group under DSP Media. The group is said to have 7 members, Kim Jaekyung (김재경), Koh Woori (고우리), Oh Seungah (오승아), No Eul (노을), Jung Yoonhye (정윤혜), Kim Jisook (김지숙) & Cho Hyunyoung (조현영), to represent each color of the rainbow. They debuted in November 2009 with their first mini-album Gossip Girl. In August 2010 they released the digital single A. The dance routine for "A" (in which they lift up their shirts just above their navel) caused controversy when TV station MBC banned it from broadcast for "sexual content".

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