メトロノーム メトロノーム
Please note: "Acid Eiffel" and "Blind" are NOT tracks by the Japanese angura-kei band, メトロノーム. They are by Maxence Cyrin and by Henrik Nilssen (see below) respectively. メトロノーム (metronome) is a , band formed in 1998.
シャラク (Sharaku/Voicecorder),
フクスケ (Fukusuke/Talbo-01),
リウ (Riu/Talbo-02),
シンタロウ (Shintarou/Drum). They said they traveled through time from the year 2005 to the year 1998 to boost their record sales, thus their futuristic theme. As 2005 approached, though, they tried to pretend they never said this, and joked about it later.

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