Mako is a name of at least eight artists: [1] A romanisation of まこ, a mononym of a Tokyo, Japan singer-songwriter, maraca player and seiyuu / seiyū (声優) 桜井 真子 (b. Tokyo - romanised Mako Sakurai). Her solo releases include EP アイスキャンディー (Aug 2005). Formerly with Friends, now wirh Bon-Bon Blanco and she sang the opening theme for the anime Kami-sama wa Chuugakusei/KamiChu!. Sakurai has repeatedly guested with I've (アイヴ)'s Ive Girls compilations. She débuted with I've-backed track Never Forget This Time and two others, on Verge (Jul 2000, I've Sound). Her latest is Level Octave (Aug 2012).

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