Amaranth Amaranth
Amaranth is 3 seperate artists. The first is from Serbia formed in 1999, and the second is a post-rock black metal band from Canada, formed in 2008. There is also other bands named Amaranth as well as Amaranthe from around the world which are not included here.
AMARANTH 1: (Serbia) f.1999
AMARANTH 2: (Canada) f.2008
AMARANTH 3: (Germany - Wuppertal)
AMARANTH 4: (California, US) (now renamed as SOLOS) AMARANTH 1: (Serbia)
Amaranth was formed in spring 1999 during the NATO bombing, as acoustic project of Danilo Nikodinovski. Danilo is also known as the singer/guitarist of Consecration.

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