Mysore T. Chowdiah Mysore T. Chowdiah
Tirumakudalu Chowdiah ( Kannada: ಸಂಗೀತ ರತ್ನ ತಿರುಮಕೂಡಲು ಚೌಡಯ್ಯ ) (1895 - 19 January 1967) was a violin maestro from India in the Carnatic classical tradition. He designed the seven-stringed violin to ensure that the accompanist could match the vocalist (the need for this was felt especially in the early and mid-20th century when no amplification devices were available). He was known as Piteelu Chowdiah - Piteelu being the word for violin in South Indian languages such as Kannada and Telugu. As he hailed from Tirumakudalu Narasipura near Mysore, so he is also known as Mysore T. Chowdiah.

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