Лявон Вольскі Лявон Вольскі
Lavon Volski (Лявон Вольскі) - born 14.09.1965. Belarusian musician, writer, artist. At the beginnig of 80's together with friends from school he founded Мроя (Mroja - Dream/Vision) - the group that changed the history of Belarusian rock. In 1994 the members of Mroja founded a new band called N.R.M.. Apart N.R.M., Lavon takes part in Крамбамбуля (Krambambula) and Zet - but it isn't for sure for the latter. In middle 90's he was the guitarist of Новае Неба (Novaje Nieba - The New Heaven). In 2008 he released solo album «Kuplety i prypievy» («Stanzas and refrains») -

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