R指定 R指定
R指定 (R-SHITEI) is a visual kei rock band from Japan. Formed in 2008, the band began under the name キャサリン since middle of 2006. They changed the name to R-18 and then changed it again to R-15 during early 2007 until middle of 2008. The final change happened in 2008 and thus R指定 began its activities. They are currently signed to the indie label SPEED DISK. R指定 Members
Vocalist マモ-Mamo-(ex. ザクロ黒電話 (as 雅夜) → 雨乃ジャック (as 魔藻) → キャサリンR-18R-15
Guitarist Z(ex. 愚理夢キャサリン (as Z) → R-18R-15 (as ウルトラZ))
Guitarist 楓-Kaede-(ex. SILK → 雨乃ジャックキャサリンR-18R-15

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